The Gallery in Downtown

Cairo, a Historical City full of unexpected resources.

Cairo is a historical city where artisans, inhabitants and visitors from all horizons cross paths, a megalopolis with an unimagined wealth of raw materials, used since the Pharaonic period, and diversity of traditional know-how /// TakeCaire is based in Downtown nearby Old Cairo’s artisanal workshops.

As a first step towards sustaining and giving full meaning to our mission and action, TakeCaire has opened a gallery in the heart of Cairo, inside a flat facing the Cairo Museum and within walking distance from the now iconic Tahrir Square.

Establishing TakeCaire’s gallery in a 1930’s building is not a coincidence; it is a tribute to the history of Cairo, including its contemporary history, a city resolutely turned towards its future and intimately linked to the multiple layers of its past molding its social and cultural present in an ever so unique way.

The Gallery space has been made possible with the support of Al Ismaelia for Real Estate who shares TakeCaire’s vision of making Downtown Cairo a cultural hub, a part of the city where creative and positive energies flow, a springboard to creativity sublimated through tradition and innovation.

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