The eco-friendly materials used in TakeCaire products :

Recycled Glass

Recycled Paper

Paper paste 

Fabric scraps collected by the zabaleen 

Brass and copper


    New horizons are opened to design and designers

All over the world, design and designers move more and more toward a new approach
integrating their concern to contribute to the emergency of preserving our planet, and working or integrating recycled material to their creativity.
Slow Design means create products limiting their impacts on environment, using better and less raw materials, calling upon nonpolluting processes, while thinking to the life cycle of the product. (re-cycling – up-cycling)
As to date, sustainability and eco-design alike are a contemporary approach targeting the return to the sources of product creation, that is to say, functionality defining the shape, simplicity, efficiency, speaking out of the excesses of our consumption’s society and trying to give back its meaning to industrial .
Beyond design, and generally talking, it is about a reaction to a world of overconsumption, its limits and the desire to live differently and better, slower, the growing awareness of the emergency to preserve the planet or rather to save the planet.
TakeCaire commit to the planet and the human.
TakeCaire is an innovative model, inclusive and responsible in the Egyptian handcrafts sector, concerned with social dimensions and environmental alike.
Since the start, we are committing to a responsible and ethical design practice, that in the last 4 years took a step in a slow design approach through recycling, re-use, upcycling). Since 2015, TakeCaire has committed to the United Nations’ Egyptian Global Compact Network, whose mission is to support the private sector’s development of sustainable entrepreneurship.
Our work comes with a high regard to artisans who dedicate their skills to fabricate with their hands, objects for TakeCaire. We bring environmental awareness through the use of recycled materials when possible. Each object is fabricated with local raw materials and by local talents, bearing in mind the empowerment of communities with which we work, men and women alike.
Early as 2015, TakeCaire has implemented a partnership with one pioneer in recycling in Egypt, APE, with whom they create exclusive design products, fabricated with recycled materials by the garbage collectors of Cairo and with a variety of other recycled materials.

Many more other Egyptian players participate in this movement: Take is pursuing their action by creating new partnerships with artisans and young French and Egyptian Designers: usage of other recycled materials and integration of the notion of life cycle of the objects, created and diffused for users, conscious and in planet preservation and in life style.
TakeCaire products calling upon recycling or upcycling can be recognized with our dedicated pictogram.
We invite you to discover them through our website.

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