Through motif, illustration, design, edition, photography, Lola works with different agencies while developing several personal projects on the edge between art, craft and design. 

After obtaining two degrees in applied arts (engraving at Estienne and then textile design at the Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 2014), her design career led her to create through workshops in India, Burkina Faso, or in Egypt. These trips were part of the creation of its palettes and repertoires of forms and materials. The universe of Lola is guided by color and based on crossbreeding. By play, by intuition, by taste of rhythm, she unfolds stories, passing from miniature to large format, from weaving to printing, from drawing to material.

For TakeCaire, she developed the series Cartouche with women of the “zabaleen” community, a weaving workshop in Cairo whose raw material comes from waste fabrics (cotton). Between art and design, rugs and bags are drawn from compositions inspired by hieroglyphs, woven by hand on very rudimentary crafts. The colors and the materials of these unique pieces adapt according to the supplies.

Lotus is another refined collection of adornment, made out of brass.

Simplified and refined the flower motif comes in assembled or folded modules, openwork patterns, to draw a collection of elegant adornments in brass…

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