Claire Bonardot is a Textile Designer with specialization in weaving. She graduated from ENSAD Paris in 2014.
Her work has always been focusing on the use of waste that is massive in textile industry. Her different experiences and creations show how upcycling can lead to refine and beautiful fabrics or products. It started in 2010, during a Workshop: Les “Recyleurs”. (To wake Up our waste, 24 hours for recycling performance, Lyon, France) In 2013, during a residence at National Institute of Design of Ahmedabad in India and through a collaboration with Kaustav Majumbar, Claire took the full dimension and importance of Upcycling and Recycling in design textile creation and production. (TEXTOTENON Make old Chair Awake).

In 2014, thanks to the support of the Foundation Bettencourt–Schuller, her collaboration with Lola Mercier has been the opportunity to create unique handmade pieces, with a range of possibilities, mixing textile craft and new technologies. (zero waste Diploma project, Textile design, ENSAD 2014, Paris / selvedges effects» TSD manufacture, Lyon). Other projects such as Hand-Printing, Hand-Games, ennoble Floss silk, Textile design & material testify of her dedication to slow design and her talent.

During the workshop #2 organized by TakeCaire, Claire Bonardot diverted the everyday practice of women weavers of “the Cairo Zabaleen Community” by re-adapting one of their looms and developing, together with them, more complex patterns. This led to the creation of handwoven cotton rugs made from recycled material.

As well, inspired by the pharaonic world and its powerful and refined female figures, she has developed a collection of jewels made of recycled paper beads mixed with brass.

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